The Ultimate Content Club for Pet Professionals
Are you tired of struggling to create consistent, engaging content for your pet business?

Do you want to attract a new audience and customers without feeling overwhelmed or burning yourself out in the process?

Look no further - the FUR Social Content Club is here to revolutionize your content creation journey!

Join the Club and Experience the Next Level of Content Awesomeness!

With the FUR Social Content Club, you'll receive everything you need to make plenty of consistent, converting content that spreads your message and sells out your offers – WITHOUT BURNING YOU OUT IN THE PROCESS – all for less than $0.89 per day!

Imagine having monthly pet-specific content plans delivered to your fingertips, containing the perfect Canva Image Templates + Caption Prompts for every day of the month.

Post stuff on social media, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

You’ll build a community of pet parents and help tons of pets, they said.
But it doesn't seem like "they" actually know what they're doing, eh?
The Reality
It doesn't seem like anyone sees your posts.

If they do, they certainly aren't responding much.

And your sales don't look any better, either.

You can't really blame them, cause you barely ever post anything.

Every time you try to think of ideas, your mind is a blank. When you finally do think of something, it takes you an hour just to create a single post.

And then what do you get for it? Crickets.
So what now?

You can try to snag a photo of the saddest face your dog knows how to make, post it on your business channels with a caption about how hard social media marketing is, and hope you get some pity points that somehow translate into website traffic...

...or you can try something new.

Okay, you can still take more pictures of your dog either way.

Just make sure you're actually getting some help, too.

Here are some valid options:
A Course on Digital Marketing - specifically something that will teach you how to create beautiful, powerful content quickly.

A Content Marketing Professional - outsource all the work to someone who knows what they're doing and can devote the time needed.

Advice from those Professionals - the free tips and tricks you'll get by reading blogs and watching videos do have value.

The problem with these options?

They all require a big commitment of either time or money. But what if you don't have either right now?

You need another option...
Here's another option:
If you're not ready to outsource and need to create your content in house...

But you aren't a content marketer or graphic designer...

And you don't have the time or a burning desire to become one...

You need a solution that can meet your goals without making you overthink.

A content strategy that isn't a full time job to figure out. Something simple and effective that gets your creativity flowing and grows your audience.

Something that gets you visible, measurable results. Something like the FUR Social Content Club.
Get A Content Plan With 35+ Suggestions Every Month

Access 600+ pet-specific Canva Image Templates + Caption Prompts, plus a monthly content plan with suggestions for every day of the month. Everything you need to customize them to your brand, whatever corner of the pet industry you're in.

For pet business owners, pet influencers, and rescues who want to create quality content consistently and attract a new audience and customers with less stress and more fun. 


Created specifically for the pet industry for less than $0.89 a day.


Every month you get a new update that includes:

A strategic daily content plan with caption prompts to get your creativity going.

35+ Canva image templates, selected from the asset library, that you can edit for your pet brand.

A private space for inspiration and collaboration within the FUR Social Academy Facebook group.

Feedback and advice from a Content Marketing Expert on how to best edit and use your content.

"I think what you're doing is an incredible service, and you give a ton of information. The comprehensiveness of it is amazing, and the way you have things structured makes it really easy to access the information. I feel like you do a lot to build community, and that's incredibly important. Just having a place to go to ask questions has been really great. You have shared so much valuable content and I have learned so much!"

Jane Bernard, WagWorthy Naturals
PLUS: The Content Confidence Mini-Course
This mini-course contains 3 short and sweet modules that teach you everything you need to know to create powerful content for the pet industry.

Module 1: How To Create Graphics Using Canva
- How To Create Your Canva Account
- How To Set Up Your Canva Brand Kit
- How To Create, Edit, and Download a Post

Module 2: How To Write Valuable Captions
- The Simple Caption Formula That Converts
- How To Find The Best Hashtags For Your Post

Module 3: Content Creation Walkthrough
- Step by Step Walkthrough of Writing a Caption, Creating a Graphic, and Scheduling a Post from Start to Finish
PLUS: The Social Media Content Planner
Get access to the same Airtable template I personally use for myself and my clients. This is the perfect place to store your prompts and plan out your content, either on your own or together with your team. All of your social media content organized into one place!
PLUS: These Upcoming Projects...
Now, let's talk about the cherry on top - our top-secret projects for the coming months that are bound to blow your mind! Here's a little sneak peek just for you:

Browsable Library: Picture this - a magical library where you can easily find and select individual templates. It's like a treasure trove of content goodness at your fingertips! ​

Expanded Sizes: We totally get that different platforms have different needs. That's why we're cooking up Instagram Story, Reel, TikTok, AND Pinterest sizes for each and every template. Go ahead and slay those social media channels like the content royalty you are! ​

Extra Assets: We're going above and beyond, my friend. Brace yourself for templates that go beyond social media posts. We're talking about social media banners, YouTube video covers, and more! Your branding will be so on point, it'll make other pet professionals green with envy.

Written Prompts: We're not stopping at social media! Get ready for a burst of inspiration in the form of written prompts for blog posts, emails, and all sorts of content formats. Say hello to your creative muse! ​

No Risk Guarantee:
You can change your mind at any time in the first 30 days and receive a 100% refund. Just contact support.

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